Fire Hydrant Inspection

Our team of Certified Water Industry Operators know how vital a Fire Hydrant's functionality is to your fire water system. Industrial sites often have considerable infrastructure requiring protection. Velocity’s extensive hydrant knowledge and proactive maintenance approach will help ensure a fire hydrant's proper operation when you need it the most.     

 Trust in Velocity's long-standing history of servicing Oil and Gas facilities, Sawmills, and Remote Work Camps across Western Canada.  

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Velocity Water Services specializes in comprehensive fire hydrant services for industrial settings, ensuring your firewater systems are always in peak condition.

Fire Hydrant Maintenance

The upkeep of industrial fire hydrants is a key focus at Velocity. We tailor our maintenance services to meet the specific demands of each industrial site, ensuring that every hydrant is not just operational but performing at its best.

Fire Hydrant Repair

Should an issue arise during an inspection, our team is equipped to handle repairs with care. We understand the critical nature of a fully functional fire hydrant in industrial settings. With our expertise in servicing diverse industrial sites, Velocity is your trusted partner for ensuring uninterrupted safety and operational excellence in your firewater systems.


Industrial Fire Hydrant
Inspection Requirements

Industrial sites often have unique requirements such as permitting, orientations, and strict safety requirements. Velocity technicians are well versed in these unique working conditions and have the expertise you need to ensure all requirements are met.  

 Whether your hydrants are supplied by potable water or raw water, Velocity can ensure your firewater systems are set up for success.

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