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A water distribution system (WDS) has many valves, each used to control the movement of water throughout the system. Without properly functioning valves, it is difficult for a water authority to effectively operate its WDS.  


If you do not consistently operate valves, the probability of them effectively opening and closing continues to decrease over time.   

When systematically possible, valves in water distribution systems should be operated in a full cycle and returned to its normal position on a schedule that is designed to prevent the buildup of corrosion, tuberculation, scale, and mineral deposits.  

On Average, 41% of Water Valves Are Inoperable

- Do you know which valves must be closed to isolate a line break in any given area?  
- Do you know the extent of each isolation zone based on usable assets?  
- Do you know which assets are the most critical for controlling your system? 

If you don’t know the answers to these questions, Velocity Water Services can help. Our team will use state-of-the-art maintenance equipment and procedures to determine which valves are most critical in your system and develop a comprehensive valve exercise program.  

Generally, the higher the risk associated with a valve, the more it should be exercised.  

How a Dysfunctional Valve can Affect Your WDS

Depending on how a valve is broken, it can have a different impact on a WDS. For example:  

A broken valve in the open position can:

- Affect the ability to complete replacements or repairs of other system assets. 
- Complicate the support of contractor’s completing work on your system. 
- Impede the response to water main breaks.  
- Increase the amount of water lost when trying to isolate a segment.  
- Increase the number of water customers affected by isolations.

A broken valve in the closed position can:

- Affect the continuous flow of water in a WDS.  
- Create portions of stagnant water in your system. 
- Create greater potential for microbial contamination.  
- Impact the flow and pressure to an area, which can be especially harmful during firefighting operations.

Proactive by Design

The team here at Velocity Water Services can execute an effective valve operation and maintenance program to ensure your WDS operates optimally.  

A proactive valve operation and maintenance program has many benefits, such as: 

- Reducing water loss and property damage. 
- Ensuring every valve is operable and that valve casings are cleaned and free of debris.  
- Reducing the time customers are without potable water supply.  
- Improving the public’s perception of the municipality or water authority. 
- Saving money when compared to a reactive “run to fail” mentality.    
- Helping a municipality better understand their need for repairs, rehab, or replacements. 
- Aiding in emergency response planning.   

Interested in learning how proactive valve maintenance can save you money?

Prevent Disruptions to Critical Clients with a Water Valve Maintenace System

Understanding the needs of critical clients is a very important part of a valve exercising program. Customers such as hospitals, schools, daycares, industrial facilities, and food processing plants are all examples of critical customers.  

It’s vital that critical water distribution valves are always operational, as this will help ensure the continuous supply of safe drinking and emergency water.    

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Using Wachs Valve Maintenance equipment, our team will ensure the following:

- Each valve is located, including GPS locations.  
- Each valve is accessible, including removing any dirt, debris, or mud from the valve casing.  
- Torque values required to operate each valve are recorded; this will help identify troublesome valves.  
- Operational characteristics such as direction of close, number of turns, normal position of a valve and date last operated will be documented.  

With this data, baselines can be identified for each valve. As a result, valve failure can be predicted and avoided before it impacts system operation.  

When should a valve operation and maintenance program be implemented?

By starting a valve maintenance program today, you are further ahead in extending the life of your assets than you were yesterday.  

Is your municipality expanding?  

When valves are newly installed, they are at their maximum life expectancy. By starting an exercise program immediately, you effectively ensure you get the maximum lifespan from your assets.  

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