Proactive Maintenance Programs

Preventive HYDRANT
Maintenance Programs

Hydrant maintenance is often overlooked. On average, Velocity has found that 18.5% of hydrants are found to be either out of service or have significant deficiencies.

Fire Hydrants consist of multiple O-rings and other components that wear out over time. The best way to prevent the failure of these consumable components is to implement a preventive maintenance program. In addition to annual flushing to remove the stagnant water, periodic internal inspections of consumable components are the best way to help prevent hydrant failure.

A preventive maintenance program ensures your fire hydrants are ready when needed and prevents unexpected costs associated with reactive maintenance.

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Fire hydrant flushing is a crucial component of our hydrant maintenance program. This service is designed to ensure the operational integrity of hydrants and compliance with NFPA standards. Regular flushing removes stagnant water, maintains component health, and prevents failures. Hydrant flushing can also identify restrictions in water flow due to a closed or partially closed valve.


Our team of certified water professionals will inspect, maintain, repair and re-certify any municipal, private, and industrial Fire Hydrants based on the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) requirements, and your Provincial Fire Codes.

Once Velocity has inspected all your hydrants, we then provide our clients with a thorough deficiency report, prioritizing the needed repairs as required.

While a Preventive Maintenance program comes with an initial up-front cost, once implemented, it will provide cost savings year over year and help you budget for future maintenance and upgrades.