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Fire Hydrant Inspection

Fire Hydrants are a commonly overlooked component of a municipal operation. This can happen due to a lack of manpower or lack of in-depth knowledge. That's where Velocity Water Services comes in.

Proactive Fire Hydrant Maintenance

At Velocity Water Services, we understand the importance of proactive fire hydrant maintenance. Our team, with over a decade of experience in the water utility industry, offers thorough inspections and maintenance schedules. This proactive approach not only ensures your hydrants are always ready but also helps avoid unexpected costs and maintains overall water system health. Let us help you keep your community safe and prepared.

Our team has over a decade of experience working within the water utility industry.

When were your Municipal hydrants last inspected?


Municipal Fire Hydrant
Inspection Requirements

Proper inspection of a fire hydrant requires more than just visual or static inspection. Hydrant flushing can not only identify concerns for a specific hydrant, but it can also identify distribution system concerns and water quality issues.


To ensure your hydrants are ready when needed, we can help you establish a proactive maintenance schedule. By doing this, you are also avoiding any unexpected costs associated with reactive maintenance.


Fire Hydrant
Repair Services

Velocity Water Services provides essential fire hydrant repair services, focusing on timely and effective solutions. Our experienced team ensures that hydrants are reliably operational, addressing issues quickly to maintain community safety and system integrity.


Our expertise in fire hydrant services extends to all aspects of municipal water service management. At Velocity Water Services, we deliver meticulous inspections, proactive maintenance, and prompt repair solutions. Our goal is to ensure the optimal performance and reliability of your community's water systems, leading to enhanced safety and efficiency.

Annual  Hydrant

Annual hydrant inspections can also be done in conjunction with the beginning stages of a uni-directional flushing (UDF) program. Knowing which hydrants and or valves may need to be repaired is imperative for the successful completion of a UDF program. 

A thorough hydrant inspection program can also aid in the collection of infrastructure condition assessment data.  

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