Non-Revenue Water Management and Leak Detection Services

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Minimizing Your Non-Revenue Water

Non-revenue water (NRW) is water that is produced or purchased by a utility but is subsequently lost through a leak or otherwise unaccounted for. It is one of the most persistent problems in municipal water systems.  

A Costly Problem 

Worldwide, non-revenue water percentages average between 25%—50%. Recent studies in NRW have estimated that over 340 million cubic meters per day, or 126 billion cubic meters per year, are lost. This is conservatively valued at over 50 billion dollars CAD. In North America, the non-revenue water average is deemed to be between 20%—30%. 

Is losing 25% of your utilities’ water revenue potential acceptable to you? If not, give our team at Velocity a call today! 

Some forms of non-revenue water include:

  • Leakage  
  • Overfilling of tanks 
  • Inaccurate meter readings 
  • Poor data collection 
  • Theft  


  • Costs are eventually passed onto the ratepayer.  
  • Reduces energy consumption. 
  • Reduces infrastructure damage due to water main breaks.  
  • Reduces service interruptions to customers.  
  • Improves the public’s perception of your utility.  


The Velocity Water Services team uses industry-leading technologies in acoustic leak detection that can identify even the smallest of water leaks.  

Leak Detection Surveys & Acoustic Leak Detection

Our preliminary surveys are completed using listening devices called loggers that are strategically placed throughout the water distribution system. These loggers activate overnight and log potential leak locations. During the overnight hours, water usage is down, pressure is up, and background noise is reduced. This allows for the best conditions to survey a distribution system. 

Once leak locations have been identified, our technicians use a correlating device to better pinpoint a leak location. This is then followed up using a ground microphone that can listen at any specific location. 

Using this proactive, multifaceted approach, our team at Velocity can help significantly reduce your non-revenue water.   

Water Line Break Repair

In the event of water main leaks or breaks, our experienced technicians swiftly address these issues with precision. Specializing in water main leak detection and repair, we minimize water loss and disruption, safeguarding both your system's integrity and the environment.

Interested in learning how proactive water leak detection services can save you money?


Advantages of Implementing a Municipal Water Leak Detection Survey

  • Reducing community impact, such as the closure of schools, health care facilities, businesses, and more.  
  • Reducing the likelihood of boil water advisories being issued.   
  • Helping find leaks promptly before they become larger main breaks. 
  • Non-invasive leak detection results in fewer exploratory holes to be dug when finding the exact location of a leak.   
  • Leak repairs can be scheduled rather than reactive. This helps reduce emergency callouts during non-working hours or peak hours during the day.  
  • The quicker a leak is located, the more money is saved in non-revenue water

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Water lose targets are not a one size fits all. This is why a percentage-based approach is no longer the best way to approach non-revenue water reduction. Water loss reduction goals should be system specific to better suit each client. Call us today so we can help get your proactive leak detection program started.

Whether you are interested in a complete survey of your water system or just require a known leak to be pin pointed, our team at Velocity can help!